Is There a Migraine Hangover Cure?

July 7, 2016

migraine hangover cure

When the piercing freight train of an ice pick in your head called a migraine is finally over, it’s not really over. Yes, the intense pain is gone, but now you are left to recover from the migraine postdrome, commonly called the migraine hangover. Not unlike an actual hangover, a migraine postdrome can really leave you out of commission for a day or two.

Most migraine sufferers are able to feel their migraine postdrome pretty immediately after the headache pain ends. Many people describe the hangover as causing tiredness, trouble concentrating, dizziness, weakness, lightheadedness and lack of energy. The postdrome can be produced missed days of work and difficulty completing tasks. It can also affect interactions between family and friends and make socializing difficult if not next to impossible.

Relieving Migraine Hangover

Is there really a migraine hangover cure? Migraine hangovers are like alcohol hangovers in more ways that one – different remedies work for different people. Where one person may swear by a certain concoction, it may not do a thing for your migraine hangover.

There is one regime every migraine sufferer should stick to no matter what. Just remember RAW: Rest, Aleve (or another NSAID) and Water. A postdrome might leave you feeling like you have a small case of the flu, and you shouldn’t treat your symptoms much differently. Take time to rest and save your tasks for tomorrow. Stay hydrated and take anti-inflammatories for the next 24 hours.

Other migraine hangover cures include spicy foods, warm foods, greasy foods… you name it. We looked across the internet to bring you some people’s migraine postdrome fixes (some of them very specific). You can try some of these so-called migraine hangover cures, but most importantly, listen to your body. If your stomach says spicy ramen isn’t in the cards, then don’t push yourself.

  1. Coke on ice
  2. Coke with real sugar (Mexican coke)
  3. Black coffee and 2 Tylenol Migraine
  4. Yoga
  5. Walking the dog
  6. Chipotle
  7. Avoiding people for 24 hours
  8. Any type of Asian noodles with tons of Sriracha
  9. No TV, phone or iPad
  10. A large salad with balsamic dressing and lots of red onions
  11. A massage
  12. A coconut slush
  13. Cheese fries
  14. A hot shower with peppermint shampoo
  15. A hot bath with essential oils
  16. Water with lemon
  17. Venti iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks


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