About the Omega Procedure

A small battery about the size of a silver dollar is implanted in the lower back or chest, and connected to tiny wires (called leads) that are tunneled up the back and into the back, sides, or front of the head just beneath the skin. The wires generate gentle impulses that are designed to block, or disrupt, the pain signals from being transmitted. With a handheld remote enabling you to manage the impulses, this technology puts you in control of your pain.

Who Needs Migraine Surgery?

You must experience 10 or more migraine days per month.
You must have tried "conservative" measures like prescription medication, trigger avoidance, etc...
You must have been diagnosed by a neurologist.
You must have private insurance. (Note: Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare are not accepted)

How Does Our Migraine Treatment Work?

The Omega Procedure implants battery-powered wires near the peripheral nerves­­­­–typically the supraorbital and occipital nerves–located in your upper neck and head.


The wires are not placed in your brain – they are safely outside your cranium just below the skin and will not be visible. The battery will be implanted in your upper or lower back and will also not be visible.


Fast Facts About the Omega Procedure

The procedure is based on 40 years of research into neurostimulation
The first Omega-type procedure was performed in the 1990s
Nearly 3,000 procedures have been performed
87% success rate

What to Expect

Who will my doctor be? What role does insurance play? What exactly is a “temporary procedure?” Where do I start? Learn all about what you can expect when you make the journey to pain relief with Migraine Treatment Centers of America.

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