When the Bullying Boss becomes a Chronic Headache

May 17, 2013

Bosses with anger management issues can make a workplace downright unbearable for anyone, but for those of you with chronic headaches… it’s well…very unpleasant. 

According to career website Monster.com, about 35 percent of American employees say they are bullied on the job.  They aren’t the only ones reporting bullying in the workplace.   A recent article in New Hampshire’s newspaper Seacoastonline reported that based on the 2011 Workplace Bullying survey, about 50 percent of companies reported bullying in the workplace, and that targets often suffer physical harm such as migraines in addition to mental and emotional effects.  Online employment site Careerbuilder.com conducted a study that found 14 percent of workers felt they were bullied specifically by their bosses.

If you already suffer with a migraine condition, your crazed supervisor is certainly not helping you manage your condition.  You may even be considering undergoing a migraine procedure, since all the alternative treatments are no longer working.

The next time you are working away at your desk, and your boss decides to pay you an unwelcome visit to chew you out or simply throw a temper tantrum, try reaching for one of these coping strategies:

  • Rise Above – Think of it as being ‘the bigger person.’  You should realize that angry outbursts have more to do with your boss than they do with your work performance.
  • Exhale – Let it all out! When you tense up under pressure, your breathing tends to become shallow and without realizing it, you may even hold your breath.  By breathing properly the brain receives vital oxygen.  This helps prevent triggering chronic headaches.
  • Medication – take your medication as soon as possible, after your boss is done blowing off steam, if you sense a migraine or headache taking hold since early treatment may ward off severe symptoms.

If your headaches or chronic migraines are worsening, and coping strategies, preventative medication and therapies are really not helping you maintain your productivity and sanity, it may be time for a long-term solution.  A migraine procedure and new job could be the answer to ending your pain, suffering and job frustration.    While it may be impossible to change your boss’s belligerent management style, you can certainly take control of your career and health.  Getting effective treatment for your chronic headaches, like a migraine procedure and a brand new job with a supportive boss will make you look forward to Monday mornings!




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