Valentine’s Drug Free Migraine Treats

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January 28, 2014

Is Valentine’s Day becoming a major headache?  Does date night (or day) with your sweetheart typically trigger your migraines?  Treatment for this condition might not require an immediate break-up or divorce, but simply a little planning and a box full of drug free migraine treatments.

Are you even aware of just how hazardous dating and romance can be on your headache or migraine condition?  Teeming with triggers, a typical date, let alone a ‘big Valentine’s Day date’ is enough to send the bravest migraineur fleeing to their darkened bedroom with drugs in one hand and a cold pack in the other!  If you have been monitoring your pain journal and know your triggers this doesn’t have to be you:

Who said romance would be a bed of roses?  He loves me…He loves me not? Try not to let relationship anxiety turn into a migraine.  Treatment for any headache condition starts with eliminating or learning to manage the daily stressors in your life.  Change your perspective.  Think about how wonderful that special person is in your life, and how fortunate you are to be enjoying their company.  Focus on the fun of spending time together and don’t sweat the drama.  Shocking as it may be, you aren’t perfect either! So smile and embrace the imperfection.

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous, but for a migraine sufferer, there is nothing sweet about the headache that chocolate is known to trigger.  Alternative sweet gifts and romantic delectable desserts can include personalized jellybeans, exotic fruit boxes and (pretty pink) raspberry mousse.  Be sure to avoid the tempting red wine that pops up wherever chocolate is presented.  Drug free migraine therapy dictates that you be proactive in arranging for migraine friendly options to your known triggers.  Fruit nectar infused sparkling water or possibly a little preservative free white wine might be safe choices.

The Date
Going all out doesn’t have to mean running to the most exciting hot spot, club or show in town.  Think about booking a soothing couples-massage or attending a mind-body class together.  Yoga, tai chi and guided meditation are all wonderful choices.  If the weather is accommodating, there is nothing like communing with nature and each other on a romantic hike or ‘walk on the beach’.   Avoid rushed dinners in overcrowded restaurants by choosing intimate off-the-beaten-path bistros and cafes.

So, take it easy.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to become a sure bet to a tension-filled migraine.  Treatment should be proactive and involve your most creative drug free migraine strategies like the ones above.  Vive L’amour!

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