Treat Migraines Drug Free With “D”

January 24, 2013

Most people aren’t aware of just how important Vitamin D is for their overall health.  It is crucial for cardiovascular and kidney functions, calcium absorption for bone health, immune system function, preventing certain cancers, and proper cell growth.  Vitamin D deficiency has also been associated with chronic tension headaches and migraine.  If you suffer with a headache condition you may want to check with your physician about testing your Vitamin D levels to determine whether a supplement might be just the drug free migraine treatment you have been seeking.

A recent study from Norway found that among people with non-migraine headaches, Vitamin D deficiency was detected by testing blood serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels. Likewise, earlier research studies prove migraines are also associated with low levels of this vitamin, suggesting that Vitamin D might be a drug free migraine therapy.  The American Headache Society website reports that in 2008 medical researchers found that among a group 54 migraineurs, 41.8% of them had low levels of Vitamin D.  In 2009, researchers from India found that individuals with chronic tension headaches, and low vitamin D levels, were treated successfully with vitamin D and calcium supplements.  The study was published on the National Institutes of Health site PubMed. 

With this latest study from Norway, published in the journal Headache, it could be worthwhile considering adding Vitamin D to your therapy as a drug free migraine or chronic tension headache treatment.  In addition to oral supplements, other easily accessible sources for boosting Vitamin D levels include getting regular sunlight (so the body can produce active Vitamin D), eating fatty fish, milk and fortified foods like cereal, soy products and orange juice.  As with any supplementation, you should check with your doctor before determining the right amount to take.  Excessive Vitamin D in the body, not surprisingly, poses other issues that are easily avoidable.  According to the American Headache Society website, Vitamin D may also have some analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help with migraine pain.  One thing is for sure, Vitamin D is very important for your headache condition as well as overall good health.

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