Treat Empty Nest Syndrome and Migraines Drug Free

September 4, 2012

A while back, we learned about something called the “Let-Down Migraine”.  Scientists at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City confirmed the phenomenon, which affects many people with chronic migraines. Stress is a common migraine trigger that can be confusing since the onset of a headache and other symptoms may be delayed.  For some people, migraines kick in on the weekend, after a stressful week at work.  Drug free migraine treatments for these stress or excitement “let-down” headaches are similar to those for the more common stress-triggered variety.  Managing your stressful situations, maintaining a nutritious diet and getting plenty of sleep are very helpful. If you are sending your children off to college, you may be slammed with a double whammy: Empty Nest Syndrome and “Let-Down Migraines”.

Since high school graduation, it has been a frenetic summer of whirlwind parties, traveling and endless shopping for college.  If you are a migraineur, these are all stressful, albeit in a good way, activities.  Perhaps you’ve managed to ward off chronic migraines, or maybe you’ve successfully engaged your drug free migraine treatments.  Regardless, you need to anticipate how you will cope with a sudden let-down in excitement, possible sadness and temporary depression that often arrives when grown children move to college and out of their parents home (cheer up, they’ll be back for breaks!)

The following tips will help this transition period flow smoothly, and have you feeling better:

  • Refocus your newly underutilized energies into your own work, hobbies or interests.  Personal goals and projects will engage you with a positive energy and take the place of negative or stressful emotions that would otherwise take over.
  • Add some soothing elements to your surroundings to calm your senses.  Scatter aromatherapy oils or candles around your home, workspace or bathtub! Now that  loud pop music and video games will not be triggering your migraines, replace them with soothing classical music or sounds of nature.
  • Attend to your nutrition by taking vitamins and trying new grown-up recipes packed with healthy protein, veggies and herbs that your teenager would never let you serve before.  No harried meals for you from the drive-through before rushing off to practices, meets and games!
  • Make sure to get fresh air and exercise every day, now that you have no excuses to miss the best and healthiest preventative medicine of all!

The publication Pain Medicine News reported that the Montefiore study authors concluded, “Awareness of mood and stress may improve headache prediction and provide targets for behavioral or pharmacological interventions.”  So, rather than being sad, put a smile on your face knowing that your children are going to be great, and you have earned some well-deserved Me-Time.  With these tips, including some drug-free migraine solutions, you may be able to manage your chronic migraines, and stay positive!

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