Traveling Drug Free Migraine Tips

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August 22, 2014

Let’s be honest: you had a miserable vacation, right? Your chronic migraine condition was triggered long before you got into your car or on that plane. After that it was all about timing your migraine medication and juggling your drug free migraine tricks like wearing dark sunglasses, staying in your hotel room with the curtains drawn, and going to bed early because late nights and fireworks displays were out of the question for you.

There is no question that traveling is a headache in the making for the hardiest adventurers without a migraine condition. For a migraineur, the headache triggers of travel may justify a commitment to becoming a hermit. But, truthfully, you can’t stay home forever, so migraine medication and drug free migraine tips have to become a part of your travel planning.

  • Lists – Making lists of all the things you need to prepare; do; reserve; pack; and research well before the trip, your anxiety levels will never reach chronic migraine triggering levels.  We all know by now how dangerous stress can be for setting off the biochemical and neurological events that lead up to full blown migraine attacks. Planning with the aid of making lists and tackling the to do’s in advance will stave off rising anxiety.
  • Medication – While it would be nice to rely on drug free migraine therapies while traveling, running low on your prescription migraine medication during this time is a foolish thing.  If you have undergone the Omega migraine procedure you can rest assured that running out of migraine medication will not ruin the trip. Otherwise, fill that prescription to prevent a headache from turning into a 48-hour nightmare. Pressure changes during air flight; motion while driving; tossing and turning on a boat can all trigger migraines.
  • Body-care – Even if you aren’t the one piloting the plane or driving the car, traveling is physically draining.  The byproducts of traveling are especially migraine provoking: Dehydration, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition has all been reported to trigger headaches for many people. Drug free migraine strategies include getting plenty of rest ahead of your trip and maintaining good sleep hygiene at your destination; seeking out nutritious foods and passing on trouble-making temptations and staying well-hydrated with H2O.

Traveling is a challenge for anyone, but with a chronic migraine condition it just requires going that extra mile to plan ahead and make the effort to care for your needs. Drug free migraine tools and tactics can make or break your trip. Figuring out what works for you will help you design a routine that you can apply to every future business or leisure trip you will take.

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