January 11, 2018

When Migraine Treatment Centers of America says we practice “transparency,” what do we mean?

We mean that you will know your out-of-pocket cost–if any–upfront.

You may have heard scary stories of routine surgeries that ended up costing a lifetime’s worth of savings. Or medical care that was quoted at a certain amount, only to find the bill stocked with unexpected fees.

That will not happen here.

We will work with your insurance company to ensure that their contribution to the cost of the procedure is known, and we will communicate that cost to you.

As you probably know, not every patient will pay the same out-of-pocket cost as every other patient. The out-of-pocket cost is determined by several factors. These factors include your insurer, your specific coverage, and how much of your annual co-pay has been met.

But transparency goes beyond cost.

Transparency also means honesty and forthrightness in communication.

What can you expect during the procedure?
Are there risks? What are they?
How long will recovery take?

There are typical patient experiences, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer to these questions. They must be handled specifically. We are confident that our partner physicians will do their best to answer these questions honestly and accurately, but we go the extra mile by employing a staff of Patient Care Managers to spend more time with you than our doctors possibly can. They will be the quarterback on your team, and a real source of personal support.

After their surgery, many of our patients refer to their Patient Care Managers as “friends.” They’ve even been known to send Christmas gifts to express their gratitude! None of that is necessary, but please know that we aim to treat every single patient as a friend, and that means not only being honest, but also allocating the resources to make sure you are communicated and listened at every single step of the process.

As a migraine patient, you’ve spent too much time in the dark to remain in the dark about the progress of your care, or your financial burden.

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