Tori Spelling Reality Migraine Treatment

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March 16, 2015

She knows stress is her enemy and it sounds like possibly the trigger for her migraines. Treatment for Tori Spelling, the reality TV star seems to repeatedly come in the form of one part social media, two parts reality TV and the rest…trips to the ER. So what is going on with Ms. Spelling?

It may be a combination of many factors, as it frequently is for many migraine sufferers. Unfortunately that makes finding the right medications and drug free migraine therapies especially challenging. This may explain why the 41-year-old actress, and Hollywood royalty, who you would think has access to the best of medical care, still ends up in the emergency room with the dreadful headaches. Then again, money can’t change genetics! In an interview last year on Us Magazine, Tori’s mom, Candy Spelling, revealed that she also suffered with migraines, which were triggered by stress.

One thing that is clear to everyone who is familiar with Ms. Spelling’s TV-overexposed marriage and family problems, is that she is under a great deal of stress. It was reported recently by Access Hollywood that the reality TV star walked into the ER in Los Angeles, California after her husband Dean McDermott dropped her at the door. She sought treatment for a severe migraine, and by the next day was already reaching out to her fans via Twitter assuring them that she was feeling better. She tweeted, “I wish the media would stop making it so dramatic/scary 4 my family, friends,&fans…I have horrific migraines. I’m ALWAYS open about that!” There were no details in the report about the specific migraine treatment she received.

It had been almost a year exactly since the last time Ms. Spelling ended up spending six days in the hospital getting migraine treatment. In a Daily Mail article, covering the story, the actress admitted that she has trouble managing stress in her life. Thanks to her reality TV performances, we all know her stress is at least in part due to a rocky marriage and infidelity. It isn’t clear whether her condition is chronic or episodic in nature.

Emergency room migraine treatment doesn’t usually include a preventative plan or long lasting treatment. Drug free migraine treatments that can help you, other regular people, and irregular ones like reality TV stars, include a migraine procedure and stress management therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy, meditation, and limiting the time you spend tweeting!

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