“Today” show co-host battles Chronic Migraine

July 30, 2012

Office politics are stressful for anyone, let alone a TV talk-show hostess, caught in the middle and on air, for all of America to see!  It’s the ultimate trigger for a chronic migraine flare-up.  In fact, according to the New York Post, co-host of the popular early morning NBC “Today” show, Savannah Guthrie has been struggling with migraines since starting her new role on the show.  Earlier this month NBC ousted “Today” show co-host and TV veteran Ann Curry, after only one year on the job, and replaced her with Savannah Guthrie.  Due to the pressure of the tensions surrounding her predecessors dismissal, and recent ratings war with ABC’s “Good Morning America”, sources reported that Guthrie has been seeking migraine treatment a couple of times per week.

Conflicting reports from unnamed sources commented on the co-host’s current migraine treatment.  One report states that she has been seeing a doctor twice per week and ordered to wear dark sunglasses to shield her eyes from bright light, a known migraine trigger, when not on set.  A contradictory report states that she hasn’t been seen wearing these glasses. However, both sources agree that she has a history of chronic migraines.  While details of her medical treatment haven’t been released, it is likely, based on reported multiple weekly doctor visits, that she is receiving injections to manage her pain and symptoms.

Along the continuum of migraine treatment, interventional pain management solutions include narcotic and nerve block injections.  Narcotics injected intramuscularly, such as Demerol or Toradol, work by controlling pain.   Whereas nerve blocks, such as Botox, Depomedrone and Sarapin, work by paralyzing nerves transmitting pain signals.  These injections may prove to be helpful in managing the incapacitating symptoms of migraine attacks.  However, for long term benefits lifestyle changes and stress management could go a long way in preventing the frequency or severity of migraine episodes.  For people with chronic migraine, whose symptoms are not managed with conservative prevention, and who are looking for a long term migraine treatment, surgical options such as the Omega procedure or migraine plastic surgery offer excellent outcomes.

So without taking sides in TV’s morning show politics and wars, one thing we can all agree on, is that we are hoping that Savannah Guthrie is feeling better very soon!

Photo Courtesy of www.blog.shankbone.org /David Shankbone

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