The Omega procedure and Migraine Centers featured on Good Morning America

July 26, 2013

The Omega Procedure featured on Good Morning America

This morning, chronic migraine sufferers may have gotten the wake up call they were desperately looking for. ABC’s Good Morning America featured a story on Migraine Treatment Centers of America’s Omega™ migraine procedure and how it’s becoming one of the hottest new trends in chronic migraine treatment.

GMA told the story of LuLu Alvarado, a 17 year old from Weatherford, Texas. LuLu is your typical teenage girl. A popular varsity cheerleader, excited about entering her senior year in high school. From the outside, LuLu looked like every other kid, but inside, she was battling something no teen should have to deal with.

You can watch LuLu explain her experience on Good Morning America here.

For months LuLu had become overwhelmed with excruciating migraines. Migraines so bad, she missed more than 100 days of school, fell behind in her class work, and spent hours in the nurse’s office. She couldn’t go out with her friends and family activities were limited. Bottom line, she was trapped by something she couldn’t control.

LuLu and her family tried everything. Medications, therapy, neurologist visits, but nothing seemed to work. As her chronic migraine condition worsened, she resorted to taking 6 different medications a day in hopes of at least curbing the pain. But those only provided a short term solution.

Her doctors told her these extreme migraines were permanent, and would NEVER go away.
Finally, after 10 straight months of non-stop headaches, LuLu decided to take a bold leap of faith. Interested in migraine surgery, she contacted the Migraine Treatment Centers of America and opted to have the Omega procedure done.

The Omega procedure basically tricks the brain into NOT feeling pain using Peripheral Neuro Stimulation (PNS). It connects a small battery pack, much like a pacemaker, implanted in her lower back with thin wires under the skin. The wires lead to her forehead and the back of her head above her neck. When a patient starts to feel a headache coming on, they can control the device using a small remote control.

LuLu describes the sensation saying, “It’s almost like when your hands or feet go to sleep, you get that tingling feeling”. That’s a stark contrast from the extreme pain she used to feel before the Omega procedure. Now she’s back to being a normal teenager, migraine free and ready to tackle her final year of high school and eventually, college. It truly changed her life. ”A lot of people say I have a lot more pep to my step”, says Lulu.

LuLu’s not alone. Medical research shows that the technique has a 90% success rate in qualified patients. During the story, that stat was backed up by the personal experience of Dr. Darren Schuhmacher of Migraine Treatment Centers of America. This treatment of migraines could soon become the standard for those who have tried every chronic migraine treatmentand failed.

For more information about the Omega procedure and The Migraine Treatment Centers of America, visit or call (855) 300-6822.

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