Our Patients

Our patients are those people who are looking for help. That may sound simple, but it actually has several meanings.

Are you new to pain?
Many people experience the onset of pain and simply schedule an office visit with their primary care physician. This is traditionally the first step in seeking medical treatment, which we highly recommend.

What have you tried?
Our partner physicians offer a full array of treatment options—including pain management, injections and nerve blocks. For patients who have exhausted pain management options, your physician may recommend a minimally invasive surgery such at the Omega™ migraine procedure. While we certainly welcome patients at any point in this spectrum, our physicians specialize in the treatment of chronic pain – pain that is unresponsive to a generic line of treatments.

Do you know your options?
In recent years, the media and internet have played a large part in allowing people to educate themselves about their treatment options. We encourage you to do your homework and find the best treatment options available today. We believe our medical team possesses those treatment options, but we certainly want you to make an informed decision.

We offer an extensive line of treatments
Our physicians are equipped with medical management, injections, and nerve blocks. However, for those patients that have exhausted a course of medical management, our physicians may have an answer in minimally-invasive surgery for Migraines and severe headaches.

Call or write today!
Regardless of where you may be in the continuum of care, what treatments you have tried, or how much research you have done, contact us today to take the next step toward controlling your pain.