Tamara G.

February 22, 2017

Patient Name: Tamara G.
Diagnosis: Chronic Migraines
Type of Procedure: Omega Procedure

How was your experience with your Patient Care Manager?
Excellent! She has been so friendly & truly went above and beyond for me!

How was your experience with your Doctor?
Excellent! Very knowledgeable and kind! Explained everything to me and answered every question I had!

What was your life like before surgery?
My life was my bed or recliner. I missed so many social activities. Had to stop working. My marriage suffered because I was always sick and my husband was responsible for everything.

What is your life like now, after surgery?
I’m having currently 50-65% relief. Still have migraines but the device helps keep them more at bay. I’m still adjusting to it and have had to go back several time to get the parameters readjusted. But this last adjustment seems to be doing great so far!
[Now I have] Increased my social activities at my church. Spend more quality time with my husband and parents. I’m able to increase my share in household chores as well. I’m not 100% yet because my endurance is not there after 4 years of being disabled but I’m slowly increasing my activity.

What would you say to someone who is contemplating the Omega Procedure?
Definitely go to be evaluated! Don’t think you’re not a candidate before being evaluated.

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