Stress Coaching to Jumpstart Drug Free Migraine Therapy

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March 2, 2015

Do you ever watch reality-TV shows about people swapping their stress-filled lives in big cities for new homes in tropical paradises?  If only you too could trade in pressure-cooker city living and migraines in Houston, San Francisco or New York for pain-and-tension-free Tahiti!  But, let’s get real—that’s a ridiculous fantasy for most people.  On the other hand, figuring out your effective drug free migraine therapies like stress management, trigger avoidance and even the Omega migraine procedure is no fantasy at all.  All the experts tell us that while we cannot control the people and environment that surrounds us, we can learn to manage how we respond to these headache triggers in order to improve the quality of our lives.

Researchers from the University Hospital of University Duisburg-Essen in Germany found that stress levels were positively correlated with more frequent headaches and migraines.  You may have long suspected your migraines in Houston or Chicago had something to do with tension, traffic, and fast paced living, but now you have science to back up your assumption.

The scientists reviewed headache, migraine and stress data from over 5,000 adults between the ages of 21 and 71, according to a report on   Within this group, 14 per cent of the subjects had migraines, 31 per cent had tension headaches, 11 per cent had a combination of both types and 17 per cent had unclassified headaches.  The first three subgroups reported their stress levels on a scale of 100 as follows: 62 for the migraine group, 52 for the headache group and 59 for the combination group.  When stress levels were raised by 10 points, all three groups reported an increase in the per cent of headache days per month as follows: 4.3 per cent for the migraine group; 6.3 per cent for the headache group and 4 per cent for the combination group.

The study’s author was quoted in the report to have said: “These results show that this is a problem for everyone who suffers from headaches and emphasize the importance of stress management approaches for people with migraine and those who treat them.”

If you can swing a transfer to your company’s Honolulu office, or convince your boss that you need to open a new branch office on Martha’s Vineyard… good for you!  Otherwise if you are stuck battling stress and migraines in Houston, D.C.,  or Chicago, you should look into drug free migraine therapies that will help you improve your stress management techniques which in turn will hopefully reduce the number of migraines triggered by tension.  Don’t forget that a long-lasting treatment like the Omega migraine procedure could not only treat your migraine symptoms, but also alleviate a major source of your stress — the anxiety that comes from living with chronic pain and migraine attacks that derail your ability to function at work or in your daily activities.

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