Staying in the Game with Tinted Glasses For Chronic Migraines

December 5, 2012

It doesn’t matter whether your game of choice is basketball or politics, if you suffer with chronic migraines, you may boost your performance with the help of special glasses.  In a 2009 People Magazine interview Cindy McCain, the Senator and former presidential candidate’s wife, shared her chronic migraine struggle and revealed that sunglasses helped her cope with migraines at public appearances during her husbands campaign.  Turning from politics to basketball, we learn that guard Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat also uses protective eye shades as a drug free migraine solution when he feels a headache coming on.

The Sun Sentinel recently reported that Wade showed up for practice the day after Thanksgiving, when he had a migraine, with protective red-tinted eye glasses to avoid worsening his condition.  He even asked TV crew members to turn off their bright camera lights.  Not surprisingly, his teammates teased him about playing in his distinctive eyewear.  According to a CBS Sports article at the beginning of last year however, in a less friendly challenge toward his preventative drug free migraine treatment, the NBA banned Wade from wearing his tinted glasses in a game asserting that it created an unfair advantage to him since the opposition couldn’t see his eyes.  One might ask if the chronic migraine sufferer is at any ‘disadvantage’ if he is prevented from avoiding a migraine?

A study by medical researchers from Michigan State University, published in the June 2011 Cephalalgia, concluded that specialized ophthalmic tinted lenses did in fact have a therapeutic effect on individuals with migraine.  The science behind this has to do with the normalizing effect these lenses have on the part of the brain that process visual stimuli which tend to trigger migraines.  If you suffer with chronic migraines, this drug free migraine treatment may be worth adding to your toolkit of migraine therapies.

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