Stave off July 4th Chronic Headache Triggers

July 2, 2013

Do fireworks still  get you giddy with amazement just like they did when you were little?  Fireworks truly are spectacular unless you suffer with chronic headaches or migraines. 

July 4th celebrations will no doubt be triggering these conditions around the country from New York to Seattle and Houston.  Migraines and headaches can be set off by loud noises, flashing lights, big crowds and smells.  Add some nitrate laden cured barbequed meats, alcohol and chocolate desserts and the fireworks could be going off inside your head!

Prevention is always the best treatment path to take when possible.  Knowing what to expect at annual July 4th celebrations around the nation should make it easy to avoid your chronic headache triggers:

  • Picnic and BBQ treats like cured meats, aged cheese, salty snacks and caffeinated soda pop should be avoided. 
  • Alcoholic drinks can worsen headaches or migraines.  Instead, choose fruit juice sweetened water or seltzer.  
  • Earplugs or noise canceling earmuffs can protect you from the deafening fireworks noise and blaring music to which the display is choreographed.
  • Tinted glasses will shield you from the bright flashing fireworks lights.
  • If the smoke and odor from exploding fireworks is too much to bear, consider watching the show from inside, or even on your TV screen if possible.

So, if you plan to partake in July 4th celebrations such as the Freedom Over Texas festival in Houston, migraines do not need to be a part of the day.  By taking steps to avoid your triggers, and if necessary taking preventative medication, your chronic headache condition should not get in the way of enjoying the festivities.  According to KTRK-TV Houston, the finale of this festival will feature a spectacular ‘Texas Sized’ fireworks display set to music. With sensible planning, you will not be doomed to end the day with a ‘Texas Sized’ migraine to boot!


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