Speed is Critical in Football and Migraine Treatment

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September 3, 2013

‘The need for speed’ is a phrase that best describes the optimal strategy for both your and professional football player Chris Houston’s migraine treatment. Studies have shown that tackling migraine headaches is most effective when done as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms. 

A 2002 research study by Spanish scientists, published on PubMed, proved that early migraine treatment with triptans was most effective in providing patients with lasting relief.  Researchers from France found similar conclusions in their study published in the February 2012 edition of the journal Caphalalgia.

A recent football story about Detroit Lions defensive back Chris Houston, on the Detroit News website, highlights just how important it is to seek migraine treatment as soon as possible.  Houston’s migraine attack earlier this month was not his first, but it did cause him to sit out a team practice session.  According to the story however, it seems he has learned to cope with his condition effectively by seeking swift migraine treatment as soon as symptoms arise.

Houston’s migraine battle began when he was just a child.  According to the report, he indicated that his family has a genetic predisposition to migraines.  His mom, sister and aunt all suffer with the condition, and this no doubt helped Houston learn to manage his own chronic headache symptoms. 

He said “the quicker I get to my medicine, the quicker it goes away.”  Scientific as well as anecdotal evidence are on the pro football player’s side.  Swift treatment is key to preventing the symptoms from become more severe. 

At this year’s Annual American Pain Society Scientific Meeting experts stressed the importance of starting migraine treatment as soon as you know a migraine is on its way, according to an article on Medscape.  This strategy however needs to be balanced with concerns about over-medicating migraines, which could potentially lead to chemical dependency or even a chronic headache condition. 

Whether he is outpacing a receiver or tackling his migraines, Chris Houston is proving that he is using speed to his advantage!

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