Southwest Easing Travel to Dallas Migraine Treatment

Photo Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

November 13, 2014

When your loved-ones are in pain, you instinctively rush to help no matter when or wherever necessary. With unshakeable resolve, you take all necessary action within your power, and sometimes even beyond that, to get them well again. So why don’t you do the same for yourself and schedule that Omega neurostimulation procedure to treat your chronic migraines? Dallas’ hometown air carrier, Southwest Airlines, recently launched new flight routes that might be the key to your pain relief!

Do you struggle to get through many days battling chronic migraine pain and yet can’t seem to get around to scheduling that Omega procedure about which you heard so many amazing success stories? The excuses are endless…right? Perhaps one major hurdle is the fact that you don’t live near one of Migraine Treatment Centers of America partner surgical facilities.

Perhaps, now that Southwest Airlines has opened up new flight routes and added many new options to their schedule, this hurdle is significantly lowered. With easier access to more cities across the nation, getting to your migraine treatment will be easier and possibly even enjoyable!

Southwest Airlines, which serves 93 cities in 41 states, the Caribbean and Mexico, is now offering many more direct and connecting flights to destinations with Migraine Treatment Centers of America facilities. The carrier departs from major cities like Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Baltimore, New York, and Denver.

With the Omega neurostimulation procedure available to migraineurs in Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Nashville and Phoenix, Southwest Airlines has now made traveling to your surgery much more convenient.

To keep costs low, Southwest Airlines often flies into smaller secondary airports. This in turn can keep the travelers’ costs lower also, and make the journey less of an ordeal since these airports are smaller to navigate when you are living with chronic migraines or headaches. With these travel savings, you and your traveling companions might also consider taking in a little sightseeing and dining on your trip.


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