Soothing and Festive Holiday Home for Migraine Treatment

December 12, 2012

For many the holidays are less than cheerful, especially for those who suffer with migraines or tension headaches.  There may be little you can do about calming the holiday crazed atmosphere going on at work, in school and just about everywhere you need to be.  However there is some happy news for you after all! You can create the perfect holiday drug free migraine treatment right inside your home and celebrate the holidays at the same time!  Just realizing this is possible should be easing your stress, which as always is the best migraine treatment for many.

In the comfort of your home, you can create the perfect festive environment just the way you wish it could be…migraine trigger free!  That’s right, no loud music, bright flashing multi-colored lights or smelly fusion of holiday scents.  You can even ban trigger foods from making their way onto your holiday dinner table!  The following festive drug free migraine treatment tips will help you prevent holiday headaches:

  • Clear the Air – if the scent of balsam and scented candles triggers your headaches, ban them! Artificial trees and centerpieces may seem like cheating to many, but if they spare you the misery of migraines they are fabulous! Just think, no messy cleanup and they are environmentally friendly since you will reuses them each year!
  • Dim the Light – Opt for single color non-flashing decorative lights, or none at all and opt for soft candle light and single color themed ornaments, in for a softer visual effect. Even your choice of ribbons and fabric over tinsel and plastic will create a more soothing look to your holiday living space.
  • Toss Trigger Foods – Certain common party foods like aged cheese, smoked fish and chocolate are known to trigger migraines in certain people, according to  Alcoholic beverages, especially red wine, also trigger migraines for some, and avoiding these triggers is a proven drug free migraine treatment for these individuals.

A little preventative planning with these drug free migraine tips along with keeping other migraine treatments, like abortive medication, accessible should reassure you that you can look forward to a peaceful holiday celebration in the comfort of your home.

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