Sinuses, Allergies and Migraines in Dallas

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March 23, 2015

It’s that time of year again, when drug stores feature snazzy end-of-aisle displays of the latest allergy, sinus and pain products. Yipee! If you are suffering with chronic headaches or migraines in Dallas, Nashua or Chicago, which of these medications should you purchase (maybe all of them)? Your coworkers are complaining of sinus pain; friends are fussing about allergy headaches; and family members are miserable with head cold congestion. But is everyone really sure about the true cause of their headaches and other seasonal symptoms? Are you certain about the underlying cause of your own head pain?

In a recent article about autumn allergies, doctors interviewed for the story said that in Texas, autumn is a challenging season for many people who are allergic to varied airborne weed pollen. Since this time of year also ushers in the beginning of cold and flu season it further complicates accurate diagnosing. So, for people suffering with migraines in Dallas, Houston and other bad allergy spots, this time of year can certainly be trying and tricky. If you are one of these people, is your chronic headache pain due to allergies, sinuses, migraines or cold congestion?

Autumn migraine triggers include not only environmental allergens but also barometric pressure due to weather change, and the increased stress associated with the upcoming holiday season. According to the American Headache Society’s ACHE news and information source, allergic rhinitis can increase the possibility and frequency of migraine attacks. And, most cases of allergic rhinitis and sinus headaches are misdiagnosed migraines. ACHE suggests that because migraine sufferers have highly sensitive nervous systems they are especially reactive to environmental triggers. In fact many migraineurs also suffer with conditions like allergies and asthma.

If you are one of the folks battling migraines in Dallas, Houston or Chicago, and also suffering with seasonal allergies or even a cold, it’s best that you don’t attempt to self diagnose before deciding which products to buy at the drugstore. Your migraine specialist will be able to offer a proper diagnosis and provide you with the best guidance for treating your chronic headaches this autumn. This strategy certainly beats buying every new cold, flu, sinus, and allergy product; only to discover you simply need the right migraine treatment.


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