Shopping With Drug Free Migraine Strategies

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December 20, 2013

Just imagining the crowds racing into stores and malls is enough to make anyone suffering with migraines in Houston, New York, Los Angeles or any big city cringe with anticipated headache pain.  Living in small towns, those of you with migraines are fortunate to be able to dodge mega metropolis holiday shopping frenzy.  You have a gift list (ok, most of it is for you) ready to tackle but what drug free migraine defense strategy can you deploy to prepare for shopping BATTLE?

In the quiet comfort of your home, assemble your catalogs, advertisement, gift cards, and coupons and pull out your migraine diary.  Review your known triggers that might include certain stores with overpowering scents, lights or noise.  Considering all of this information, make a list of stores that you want to visit.  Then schedule your stops over several days, making sure to plan for re-energizing meal breaks and shopping timeouts.

Mall Battlefield
Avoid the mall!  Not likely.  While New York is better known for avenue shopping, it has its fair share of malls, as does Los Angeles.   But, according to a 2010 Forbes review, the top U.S. shopping city is Houston.  Migraineurs who live there, need not worry though because even though it is home to the largest mall in Texas (Galleria) there are plenty of great small shops where they can take care of gift shopping.   Head to the mall during off hours, or in the morning before the masses swarm.

Strike From Behind
Behind the scenes, that is.  With online shopping so convenient and most in store sales similar to online offerings (often online specials are even better!), you really should not have to leave the comfort of your fireside rocking chair to complete your gift purchasing, migraine and drug free!  You can even shop late at night after everybody goes to sleep for a zen-like shopping experience—can’t beat that.

If you are dreading the freeways in LA, the tourists in NY or the malls in Houston, migraines do not have to ruin a perfectly wonderful holiday shopping experience for you.  Don’t despair if you missed the ‘big deals’ on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.   Sticking to a drug free migraine shopping strategy will prevent triggering your migraines and help you save yourself a lot of pain.

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