Sharon D.

June 6, 2016

Patient Name: Sharon D.
Diagnosis: Chronic Migraines
Type of Procedure: Omega Procedure

How was your experience with your patient coordinator?
Very positive. I spoke with her, gave her my migraine history, explained that I was at the end of my rope, and she gave me a glimmer of hope to look forward to. We scheduled a date for my test.

How was your experience with your doctor?
He was very personable, and positive. He explained the procedure to me (as did the person I had spoken to earlier) and we proceeded.

What was your life like before surgery?
Not good. I was in constant pain, and depressed. I had retired a number of years earlier, thank goodness, because I had felt guilty for missing so much work due to the pain. I spent a lot of time in bed, hurting.

What is your life like now, after surgery?
I still have headaches, I won’t lie, but I have a life now. My husband & I just returned from a week in Chicago, something I would have never attempted prior to the surgery 21 months earlier.
Like I said, we go on vacations; we took Amtrak to Chicago, we are planning to go to Maine in the fall to see the leaves change, we took a family vacation last summer (with the entire family, including the 3 LOUD granddaughters), and I’m enjoying being with my husband more than I have in years.

What would you say to someone who is contemplating the Omega Procedure?
GO FOR IT!! I wish I had heard of the Omega Procedure years before I had. My daughter was the one who heard of it from a friend of hers, and told me of it. It didn’t take long for me to call her (I live in Baton Rouge, LA, and she lives in Dallas, TX) to get in touch with the proper people in her area to start the ball rolling.

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