School Break May Trigger Migraines

May 28, 2012

It’s not what you think… well, maybe.  Although you are convinced they are, your children aren’t in fact your migraine triggers.  But, ‘parenting’ them can certainly set off a migraine attack.  So when school is out, and the kiddies are home for the summer, it’s time to take stock of your migraine treatment plan so you are prepared to enjoy summer vacation with your kids.

Migraines have a knack for flaring up at the most inopportune times, like when you have a backyard full of happy screaming children on a sweltering sunny day.  You’re frantically trying to get the barbecue going, while keeping a watchful eye on everybody.  And then you sense it coming — a migraine attack!  How will you make it through the rest of the day taking care of these kids with nausea, pain vomiting, and somehow not spoil their fun?

Here are some tips to help prevent a chronic migraine attack, or help you cope with the symptoms if it’s already underway:

Know Your Triggers and Avoid Them

  • Keep a migraine journal to track and identify your migraine triggers
  • List likely culprits such as your menstrual cycle, sleep pattern, skipped meals, change in weather, stress, loud events, bright sunshine
  • Note medications and other migraine treatment therapies, like massage and meditation, that help

Plan ahead and Set up Reminders

  • Organize your children’s events in advance to avoid migraine triggers, such as planning cool quiet movie nights instead of loud hot yard parties
  • Make sure to take your preventative medication as scheduled, maybe the same time your kids take their daily vitamins
  • Make sure to keep healthy and regular eating and sleeping habits for your kids and yourself
  • Keep yourself and the kids hydrated

Create a Supportive Environment Through Communication

  • Discuss your migraine condition with your children so they understand and learn to give you some ‘quiet time’ so that you can feel better and get back to having fun with them
  • Reach out to other parents who struggle with the debilitating symptoms of migraine and exchange parenting tips and babysitting hours when you need a break to recharge your ‘parenting’ batteries

With these helpful tips, hopefully your chronic migraine will not get in the way of your parenting responsibilities this summer.  A little preparation and migraine treatment planning will go a long way in have a fun-filled summer with your best little buddies — your kids!

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