Save Thousands

Did you know timing could make a big difference in your out-of-pocket costs? If you have been managing your chronic migraine pain with medications that offer no relief, there is no better time than now to take the steps you need to get your life back.

Step 1: Speak to a Patient Care Manager at 855-300-6822
Step 2: Submit your insurance information and we’ll check your benefits
Step 3: Schedule your trial before March 15
Step 4: Schedule the Omega™ procedure before the end of the year

Here’s more information about how you save:

Your Private Insurance Deductible

If you’ve met your deductible, 80% or more of your out of pocket costs may be covered. In other words, if you’re over the limit, then most likely you are paying 20% or less of your medical expenses. With your deductible resetting in a few short months, now is the time to schedule any necessary medical procedures and tests that you may need

Your FSA

In most scenarios, you lose any money left in your Flexible Spending Account. If you saved $2,500 this year, that tax-free amount can be applied to the Omega™ procedure.

A Procedure Now Means Fewer Medical Costs

Research shows that on average, if you have the Omega™ procedure you can save more than $20,800 over the next five years by reducing your need for pain medication, doctor visits and other costs you pay for your chronic pain. So the sooner you schedule your procedure, the sooner you will be able to start saving.

Now More Affordable

We are now able to offer most of our treatments with little to no up-front out-of-pocket expense to most patients who have private insurance plans with out-of-network benefits.

Limited Scheduling

By scheduling your Omega procedure now and meeting your deductible early, you’ll save on other medical costs throughout the year. Plus, you’ll get back to enjoying your life sooner—which is simply priceless.