San Antonio KENS5 Features Innovative Migraine Procedure

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October 16, 2014

When a groundbreaking event takes place that actually help’s a human being live life better, a wonderful thing has occurred. This was exactly what happened about a year ago in San Antonio for one man whose life had become an unbearable battle with chronic migraine pain.

San Antonio’s CBS affiliate KENS5 News reported that the Omega migraine procedure was performed for the first time in the city. A Migraine Treatment Center’s (MTCA) partner physician performed the innovative procedure, which boasts an 80 to 90 per cent success rate for qualifying individuals who successfully undergo a trial period.

Prior to receiving his state of the art drug free migraine treatment, Roberto De Luna described his life with chronic migraine pain: “I feel like I’m dying…dying alive.” When the pain initially began he resorted to pressing a pillow onto the affected area on the side of his head.

De Luna tried improving his diet and treated the migraine pain with drugs, but nothing helped and the 58 year old eventually had to succumb to early retirement as a result of the disabling pain and excessive time spent managing his symptoms. He told San Antonio’s KENS5 News he had said, “I want my life back,” just before heading into the procedure.

Many people in America are under the impression that migraines only affect women since, according to the Migraine Research Foundation, 18 percent of women suffer with the condition. However, the statistics also indicate that 6 per cent of American men endure migraines.

It is important when seeking migraine treatment from a pain management expert, that the patient feels he or she is understood and not receiving a one-size-fits-all treatment. Mr. De Luna, who is Spanish-speaking found not only understanding and compassion but also medical expertise when he sought treatment from the MTCA team of pain management experts. From staff members to partner physicians; the MTCA team of professionals are able to communicate in the language of our patients.

Thanks to the news story featured on KENS5, migraine sufferers are aware that they finally have access to a long lasting and drug free migraine treatment in San Antonio!


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