Relief on National Best Friends Day

June 7, 2015

shutterstock_235805332Your bestie, your bro, your BFF. Your sister from another mister or brother from another mother. Whatever you call your best friend, June 8th is the official day to celebrate them. If that special person suffers from chronic migraines, there are ways you can show you really care. Consider these gifts for your favorite migraineur (or if you are the migraine sufferer, share these as an ever-so-subtle hint):

Yoga classes.

Studies have suggested that anywhere from 22 to 38 percent of migraine sufferers have exercise on their list of triggers. However, it’s generally the high-intensity workouts, which boosts the blood flow to the brain that likely causes migraine symptoms to come on. Yoga, however, has shown to help when it comes to these extreme headaches. A 2014 study in the International Journal of Yoga found that chronic migraine sufferers who practiced yoga five days a week for six weeks had less frequent and less intense migraines.

A Ready-To-Use Migraine Kit.

Migraine sufferers never know what they’ll need in the middle of an episode. Sometimes it’s cold therapy sometimes it’s soothing heat that will help them get rid of a headache. Face masks with the ability to be microwaved or frozen do double duty plus they will block out the light that that often makes migraines more painful. A warming neck pillow is another option for the kit, along with lavender oil, which proved to prevent and improve the severity of migraines in a 2012 study by the Mashad University of Medical Sciences. All of the above would be good to alleviate a sinus headache and tension headache, as well.

Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Believers say that salt lamps charge the air with negative ions (this is a good thing) to help relieve everything from allergies to migraines. Whether you buy into it or think it’s hocus pocus, the lamps do in fact let off a soft, soothing glow – perfect for the migraine sufferer trying to get around the house in the midst of an attack.

A migraine-friendly lunch.

Treat your best friend to a lunch chock full of foods that boost brain health. A green juice with magnesium-rich kale, hydrating cucumber, anti-inflammatory ginger, and their favorite fruit can start the meal off right. For the main course, scientists have found that the B vitamin, Riboflavin—found in foods such as Quinoa and asparagus—has helped prevent migraine headaches. Add some omega-3 fatty acids in the form of a salmon steak, and you have a safe, healthy meal for most migraineurs. (Take note: Every migraine sufferer has different food triggers. Run the menu by them ahead of time to make sure the all ingredients get a thumbs up.)

Of course, the most important thing you can give your best friend is your understanding. Many migraines sufferers feel self-conscious about their condition. It is a pain that only they can feel and others cannot see. While you may not be able to cure a headache, your support goes a long way. You can also encourage them to find a more permanent solution. Giving your best friend information on the Omega migraine procedure might be just the migraine treatment they need.

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