Reduce Financial Headaches With A Drug-Free Migraine Solution

March 19, 2013

When you are sequestered in a dark room, three days into a monster migraine with pain that is off the charts, you would probably pay anything to make the pain go away.  While prescription migraine pills may be easy to swallow, their long-term price tag often isn’t.

A survey of patients from 10 countries shows that in both the United States and Canada, chronic migraine patients have much higher healthcare costs than their migraine-free peers.  The study showed that costs can range up to $7,089 per year.  The average chronic migraine-related costs for an American are $4,144 per year.  The biggest reasons for these costs are medication, physician office visits, diagnostic testing, and emergency department visits.

That makes you think, doesn’t it?  How long have you had chronic migraine?  Statistically, someone who has had chronic migraine for 5 years  has spent $20,720 on average in related medical costs.  And this does not include loss of productivity, which undoubtedly affects your finances, too.

While there aren’t a throng of alternatives to pricey prescriptions, medical procedures like the Omega migraine procedure have helped a growing number of migraine sufferers enjoy long-lasting relief from their chronic migraine pain.

Drug-free migraine solutions like the Omega migraine procedure are often covered by health insurance providers, for qualified patients. And because most of the patients who undergo the Omega procedure enjoy long-term relief from their pain, they are able to either completely stop taking prescription migraine medications or severely reduce the amount they take — meaning this drug-free migraine solution may be less expensive in the long run. Now that’s one side-effect that won’t cause a headache.

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