Reduce Financial Headache With a Chronic Migraine Procedure?

April 3, 2012

When you are sequestered in a dark room, three days into a monster migraine with pain that is off the charts, you would probably pay anything to make it go away.  You know that based on your chronic migraine history, this month you will probably have no less than 15 days of agonizing headaches just like today’s.  As you think about how much medication you take every month, your headache worsens.  While prescription migraine pills may be easy to swallow, their long-term price tag often isn’t.

That’s why medical procedures that provide longer-term solutions, like an implanted neurostimulator or migraine-related Botox injections, might not seem so crazy after all.

A recent Canadian survey of patients from 10 countries shows that in both the United States and Canada, chronic migraine patients have much higher healthcare costs than episodic migraineurs.  People with chronic migraine experience at least 15 days of headaches, lasting at least 4 hours per day, each month. The study reports that the average 3-month cost for U.S. migraneurs, which include diagnostic testing, E.R. visits, medication, and healthcare provider visits, range from $383 for episodic patients, to $1,036 for chronic sufferers.  This data is certainly enough to induce a major financial headache for anyone.

While there isn’t a multitude of alternatives to pricey prescription medications, interventional pain management treatments like the Omega migraine procedure and migraine Botox injections have helped a growing number of chronic migraine sufferers enjoy long-lasting relief from their pain.

Intrigued by the idea that a one-time cost might offset years of expensive pills?  Then here’s another thought: health insurance providers often cover the Omega migraine procedure and migraine Botox injections.

Migraine Treatment Centers of America provides a migraine evaluation to let you know if you might be qualified for a migraine medical procedure, and also has insurance specialists to help you understand what your costs may be.

What could a chronic migraine sufferer do with the $1,036 otherwise typically spent each year on medication?   Maybe buy some flowers, enjoy some chocolate, or indulge in another luxury that would typically trigger a painful migraine.  There’s some food for thought.

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