Procedure Helps Mother in India with Chronic Migraine

July 12, 2012

When you suffer with chronic migraines, it can be reassuring and helpful to hear about how migraineurs from far-away places cope with the same disability.  After all, one of the benefits, from this past National Migraine Awareness Month, was the communication of personal migraine stories across various social media platforms.  Migraineurs shared stories of daily struggles, preventative strategies, treatments, and interventional migraine procedures.  If one person’s triumphant story, for example undergoing a successful Omega migraine procedure at Migraine Treatment Centers of America, can help another migraineur find relief from their suffering, we can say that ‘Awareness is the best Medicine’!

The Times of India reported recently on a successful migraine story, which highlights how fortunate we are in the United States to have so many treatment options and so much medical information available to us.  Smita Kulkarni, a 31 year-old mother suffered for 16 years with chronic migraines, which ran in her family.  Her conditioned worsened to the point that she consumed 15 ibuprofen pills per day, to no avail.  Since medication was no longer working and she had visited several physicians, she qualified to become the second patient in India to undergo a nerve stimulator procedure with neurosurgeon Paresh Doshi.

Dr. Doshi, who performed the 5-hour minimally invasive procedure, implanted a stimulator device near her occipital nerve.  It works by sending electrical impulses through an implanted power source, to stimulate the occipital nerve, thereby breaking the pain circuit.  He said,  “Doctors believe the procedure works in three ways. The implants increase the patient’s pain threshold, they jam the pain signals and or change the neuro-transmitter patterns.”

Ms. Kulkarni’s referring neurologist, Dr. K Ravishankar at Jaslok and Lilavati Hospitals, told the Times of India that chronic migraine is a “disorder that won’t go away just with a two-or-three-month treatment. But unfortunately, there is no awareness in India about the need to handle it like other chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma.”

It’s reassuring to know that, even if you suffer with chronic migraines in the United States, there is hope that comes with awareness of this debilitating condition.  Only by learning about various preventative therapies, medicines, and minimally invasive procedures like the Omega migraine procedure, can you make an informed decision, together with your physician, for your optimal migraine treatment plan.

Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Graytown

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