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April 1, 2015

This latest scientific news should come as no big surprise to you. Recent research reveals that marijuana use can adversely and permanently affect your brain. So before you head off to Amsterdam, The Netherlands or Boulder, CO in search of symptomatic relief from medical weed, you may want to reconsider and rebook your travel itinerary. Instead of visiting these chilly destinations to obtain pot, you may opt to treat your migraines in Phoenix, AZ with the Omega migraine procedure; where the weather is delightful and sunny!   With so many migraine treatment alternatives, including the Omega procedure, preventative and abortive medication, and trigger avoidance; risking your brain health with marijuana doesn’t make much sense at all.

The recent study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that pot use during adolescence could lead to adverse long-term brain impairment. This might in turn result in decreasing one’s IQ, or intelligence quotient, which is based on the results of certain standardized tests. According to a CNN report covering this story, the lead researcher said, “Adolescence is when the brain starts maturing and making itself more adult-like, so any exposure to toxic substances can set the course for how your brain ends up.” The results also indicated that the brain’s connectivity, or wiring involved with learning by making associations and adapting, is weakened in long term and chronic pot users.

The scientists tracked 48 weed partakers, who were on average 18 years old. Many of the subjects had a 10-year usage record, and some had used marijuana for 30 years. The researchers found that those individuals who began pot use at an early age presented with diminished gray matter in the brain region associated with decision-making. The subjects were required to undergo IQ testing, MRI scanning, and urine testing.

While some headaches sufferers will likely continue turning to marijuana for their migraine treatment, these latest findings will no doubt encourage many chronic pain sufferers to find safer alternatives. The study suggests however, that it is critical to discourage younger migraine patients from using pot. The good news is that it is more convenient to travel from all U.S. destinations to Phoenix for migraine treatment compared to flying off to Amsterdam. If you do end up flying to Colorado though, be sure to enjoy the skiing instead of the weed!

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