Pineapple: Drug Free Migraine Therapy?

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October 15, 2013

Did you catch the story on Houston’s KTRK-TV, about kitchen cures for various ailments?  If you happened to be nursing a migraine, the Houston local ABC affiliate may have peaked your curiosity when it reported that pineapple is a drug free migraine treatment!

The story about the author of a recent book, entitled Magic Health Remedies, claims that many heath ailments can be treated naturally without turning to pricey and overused drugs.  From wrinkles to back pain, he assures us that our kitchens hold the key to solving our health concerns economically and healthfully.  The author said about his new publication, “I call it affordable healthcare in a book.”

To understand how pineapple could work as a drug free migraine treatment, it is necessary to explore the chemistry of this tasty and exotic fruit that makes a terrific dessert and delightful pina colada cocktail!  Pineapples contain a pain-suppressing enzyme called bromelain. 

This anti-inflammatory substance is only naturally found in pineapple, but can be obtained in supplement form at your natural grocers or drug store.  According to, the indigenous people of Central and South America have long relied on pineapple for pain relief, and the Germans turn to the substance as a natural post-surgery anti-inflammatory. 

As with all nutritional supplements and vitamins, it is very important to check first with your doctor before adding them to your dietary intake, as they may counteract with medication you are taking.  You may also have a pre-existing condition that might react adversely with a supplement like bromelain.  In the meantime, if you want to try adding some pineapple to your day, try a glass of fresh juice, or a few sliced wedges.

Even though you may not live in Hawaii, overflowing with abundant pineapples, or have seen the TV report in Houston, migraine misery doesn’t have to be a part of your life.  With the many drug free migraine therapies, such as the nutritional supplement bromelain, the naturally occurring enzyme found in pineapples, botox treatments or even migraine surgery, you should be able to avoid relying on powerful and expensive drugs. 

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