Phoenix Migraine Sufferers Get Ready

April 21, 2015


It’s not just rising temperatures that will be triggering chronic headaches and migraines for Phoenix suffers.  The arrival of spring can mean misery for lots of people everywhere who are sensitive to weather changes and allergens.  So, take stock of your headaches and migraine treatment strategies and replenish that arsenal before you’re caught off guard and defeated by pain, nausea and fatigue.

A recent news story out of Phoenix has migraine sufferers in that city no doubt scrambling for migraine medication in their local pharmacies. reported this past March was unseasonably hot, thanks to the strong sun. Strangely, the first quarter of 2015 brought not only average hi temps, but low ones and daily ones also!  According to the report, this combination hasn’t occurred since 1986.  Many migraine sufferers know all too well, that changing barometric pressure can trigger headaches.  If you are one of these Phoenicians who struggles with seasonal migraines, you’d better make sure your prescriptions for preventative and abortive migraine relief are filled and in your bag, car or medicine cabinet.

Temperature changes and barometric pressure may not be your only problem.  Sadly, springtime brings pollen from grasses, trees and flowers to triggers allergies.  Even though you might be itching to get outdoors, if you suffer with allergy inspired migraine headaches, you will feel better staying indoors with the windows shut and your allergy meds handy.  According to The American Headache Society, treating migraines when you suffer with seasonal allergies may include treating the allergy symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing.  Several studies support the finding that allergic rhinitis and migraines co-exist with significant frequency.  In fact some research indicates migraines are up to 4 times more likely among allergy sufferers.   Strikingly, among younger migraine patients more than half also test positive for allergies.  As if this isn’t enough ‘great’ news for allergy sufferers and migraineurs in Phoenix, another piece of this seasonal puzzle is that migraines occur with more frequency and intensity in people with allergies. Super, right?

If you live with allergies and migraines in Phoenix, or another town where spring (or even summer!) arrived early, be sure to keep your allergy medication along with the rest of your migraine treatments accessible.

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