‘s experience with Migraine Treatment Centers of America

Pre-Surgery Condition/Lifestyle:
“I have had chronic, daily migraines since 2002. I had tried every treatment out there- from drugs to chiropractic, changing my diet, essential oils, and piercings- nothing worked. I was in pain every day if my life. It was a struggle to make it through work each day. My personal life was almost nonexistent, and when I did make plans I had to cancel them about half of the time. I was in a place of despair, and I didn’t think anything would ever work for my pain.”


Post-Surgery Condition/Outcome:
“Life after surgery is amazing! It’s like I’m a completely different person. Being able to do things again and make commitments is refreshing! I can go hiking or play with my nieces and nephews or do all the things I love again!! Going on a trip with my family used to be something I dreaded. Now, I look forward to loving each day. I’ve learned to love life again and to be excited about living. The future was once dark and dreary. Now, it is bright and full of possibilities!”