‘s experience with Migraine Treatment Centers of America

Pre-Surgery Condition/Lifestyle:
I was pretty miserable before I had the surgery. I had 2-3 migraines a week and a headache every day. I was in constant pain. I was always canceling my plans with family and friends because of my migraines being so debilitating. I spent many days and nights laying on the couch or in the bed. A cold, dark and quiet room was the best place for me when I would get a migraine. I tried just about everything in order to get rid of my migraines and nothing seemed to work. I was loosing hope and getting depressed because the migraines were taking over my life.


Post-Surgery Condition/Outcome:
The Omega Procedure has been such a blessing to me, it has given my life back. I was very skeptical about the surgery because nothing else had ever worked for me in the past. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I had suffered with migraines for over 20 years, I had forgotten what it felt like not to have a migraine. I can enjoy life again. I can go to amusement parks and movie theaters without experiencing a migraine. I love being able to spend time with my son and husband now instead of lying in the bed. The Omega Procedure saved my life and I am grateful for that every single day.