‘s experience with Migraine Treatment Centers of America

Pre-Surgery Condition/Lifestyle:
“For thirteen years I had suffered with debilitating daily migraines. At times they were so bad I had to put huge ice pack on my head to try and dull the pain in addition to the abortive medications the Doctors gave me. I couldn’t work, plan outings, lived in my recliner in the dark with as little noise as possible.”


Post-Surgery Condition/Outcome:
“I have returned to my hobbies which I haven’t done in years. Refinishing furniture and chandeliers and just any close work craft I feel like doing. My husband and I have weekly dates again! I can make plans and keep them. I have more energy and have a life now. On the occasion that I do get a headache, my stimulator allows me to recover quicker and they are far less severe, shorter in duration and I don’t have that awful hangover that hangs on forever…I just signed up for a crocheting class which requires close work with your eyes which any migraineur knows is impossible to do. I have my life back after 13 years of living in my house away from the world and joined a church with my husband making new friends… It’s been just fabulous”