Painkiller Rx Worry for Nashville Migraineurs?

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November 4, 2014

A person living with a severe pain condition like chronic migraine, in Nashville, TN can be at a higher risk of dying from an overdose of prescription opioids than a migraine sufferer in Honolulu, HI. According to a new report from the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC), certain states in the U.S. have a higher prescription fill rate than others.

So depending on where you live in the country may have a role in how health care practitioners are treating your condition. If you battle chronic migraine, this unsettling fact should be worrisome to you and enough to make you seriously consider drug free alternatives like the Omega migraine procedure to treat your pain.

The prescription drugs tracked for the report include oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, and methadone. Not surprisingly, the reported locations with the highest rates of overdose coincided with those having the highest prescriptions rates. According the CDC report, 46 people succumb to overdose from prescription pain drugs each day.

Recommendations to health care providers included discussing alternative drug free options for treating pain. For example, a migraine procedure might be discussed with a patient suffering with chronic headache pain as a preferable alternative to long term heavy use of powerful drugs.

According to the report, 13 states including Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas ranked at the top when it came to the highest number of prescriptions for the powerful painkillers that contain narcotics. In 2012 alone, approximately 259 million prescriptions for these drugs were written. That’s almost enough to provide everyone in the country with a bottle! Interestingly, the number of prescriptions that were filled in the high usage states, was nearly triple of the number filled in the low usage states.

It certainly seems that the increased risk of overdosing from prescription opioids is a great reason to explore drug free migraine treatments. The Omega migraine procedure can be the next best step in helping somebody manage chronic migraine symptoms when dependency on powerful drugs is posing a health threat.

If you or a loved one suffer with migraines in Nashville or any other city located in the high-prescription states on the CDC’s list, check with your migraine specialist to be sure that prescription opioids aren’t being overused or abused to manage migraine pain. As a last resort, you may consider moving to one of the low-prescription states on the list like California and Hawaii!

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