Pain Awareness Benefits Migraine Treatment

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September 19, 2014

If you were searching for a distraction from chronic headache or migraine pain, you are in luck! Simply join individuals and organizations, across the country, this September as they celebrate Pain Awareness Month.   After all, research and development for new migraine treatments benefits from funding and popular support that results from broader understanding and awareness.

The American Academy of Pain Medicine indicates that as much as 100 million people in America suffer with chronic pain. And, at least 1.5 billion individuals are affected by chronic pain across the globe. The numbers are staggering. But social stigma for what is often deemed the ‘invisible’ disease remains.

The economic as well as social burdens are substantial. More than 40 million individuals experience sleep disruptions as a result of their pain. Medical cost, lost productivity and earnings related to treating pain in the United States are estimated at between $560 and $635 billion. Have you ever sat down and calculated your own losses and costs related to treating your migraines or chronic headaches?

Various organizations around the country are taking part in activities that will help raise awareness for pain. The American Chronic Pain Association website offers links to partner organizations who are all committed to helping people in pain.

The site also provides communication tools for patients to improve the way they interact with their health care providers when it comes to conveying their pain levels and other symptoms. These tools might help you talk to your doctor about your chronic headache or migraine symptoms. This will enable him/her to select the most effective migraine treatment for your condition.

If you are looking for some activities that you can do to help raise awareness for pain, especially related to chronic headache conditions, the U.S. Pain Foundation website has several resources. Their 30 Day Challenge might be just the project you can get involved with to distract yourself from your own chronic headache pain, while spreading awareness within your own community for the pain issues about which you are most passionate. When treating migraines or tackling the problem of social stigma, being proactive and positive is key.



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