Here are the steps leading up to a life-changing Omega Procedure:

Talk to a Patient Care Manager
Your Patient Care Manager will begin by discussing your diagnosis, previous treatment, and medical history to ensure our medical team fully understands your case. They will answer any of your questions and help take any uncertainties out of the process. At this time, we may also provide a free insurance verification to find out if we can work with your specific plan and deliver up-front costs before you start the process.
Speak With Your Doctor
It’s time to speak with your doctor for an evaluation, and have a conversation about your pain, your goals, etc. Ideally, this meeting would happen in person. If you are a traveling patient, phone evaluations are often available to help minimize travel.
The Temporary Procedure
Your doctor will outfit you with an external version of the Omega Procedure, which you will wear for 4-7 days. The trial allows you to determine that the system is effective in relieving your unique pain. Experiencing 50% of greater relief is considered successful, and you will then have the leads gently removed and can return home that day.
The Permanent Procedure
The procedure for the permanent implant typically occurs 3-4 weeks after a successful trial, upon insurance approval. This is an outpatient procedure that generally lasts 2-3 hours.
Enjoy Your Freedom
By this step, you will have been nearly pain-free for a month or more. What will you be doing? Going to the amusement park? Traveling? Working? Playing with your kids? At this point, it’s up to you!