Are You A Candidate?

Migraine Treatment Centers of America was created to help chronic migraine sufferers find the best specialist to treat their condition.  We work with board-certified interventional pain medicine physicians who are considered leaders in the field of chronic pain treatment.

If any of the following apply to you, then we may be able to help you.

  • You have been diagnosed with a chronic migraine
  • You believe you might have a chronic migraine, which is defined as a severe headache lasting more than 4 hours at a time, occuring more than 15 days per month
  • You have been to the emergency room to treat migraine pain
  • You have tried daily migraine medication and are looking for another solution
  • You are interested in treatments other than medication, such as migraine surgery
  • You have tried Botox injections, chiropractic therapy or acupuncture and are interested in additional options
  • You are being seen by a neurologist or other migraine specialist and are looking for a second opinion


When you reach out to us, you will be assigned to a Patient Care Manager.  She will ask you a series of questions to determine your migraine condition and medical history.  We will then review your case and determine whether your migraine condition may be helped by one of our board-certified interventional pain management specialists.

In-Person Evaluation:  Your Patient Care Manager will help you to schedule an evaluation by an interventional pain management specialist near you.  He will discuss your medical case in further detail, and together you will evaluate the benefits of a range of treatment options.

One long-term, drug-free solution to chronic migraine pain is the Omega procedure – exclusively provided by Migraine Treatment Centers of America.  Learn more about the Omega migraine procedure.

To find out if you are a candidate for treatment by one of our interventional pain management specialists, simply provide us your contact information so that one of our Patient Care Managers can discuss your options with you.