Omega Procedure Patient on the News in Oklahoma!

November 15, 2017

The Omega Procedure for migraine pain, offered exclusively by Migraine Treatment Centers of America, was featured on KOCO 5, a local news station in Oklahoma City.

There’s an interesting story behind the creation of this video. Maggie Carlo, the anchor at KOCO 5, got a crowdfunding request from a man who said his wife is pursing a breakthrough treatment for the severe migraines who have stolen so much of her life. Her story will be familiar to many of you: countless hours in dark rooms, missed events with family and friends, and a revolving door of treatment attempts, including lots of pharmaceuticals.

Maggie thought, “What is this treatment? I’ve never heard of it!” So she replied to the man, who turned out to be the husband of Lori E., one of our patients. When he explained the procedure to Maggie, she knew she wanted to feature it on her show. We are so glad she did, and so proud of Lori for doing the research and going all the way down to Houston Texas to see our very own Dr. Chapman for her procedure.

This video also presents a unique opportunity for you to see someone in the middle of their journey to relief. As some of you know, there are two major steps to the Omega Procedure. In the first step, patients are given a “trial,” or “temporary” procedure. This allows the patient to test drive the procedure to see if it will work for them. Once the trial has been completed, patients and their physicians decide whether to go ahead for the permanent procedure.

Typically when we feature patient stories, we are speaking with patients who have already had the permanent procedure. But with Lori, we all get to hear from a patient who has completed the trial but has yet to have the permanent. So how did Lori feel about the permanent? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Special thanks to Maggie Carlo for the great reporting!

If you or someone you love suffers from severe migraines, call us today at (866) 436-6368 and let’s see if we can get you on the path to recovery.

Note: In the video, Ms. Carlo refers to the device as “FDA-approved.” It is not FDA-approved. Nor is it disapproved by the FDA. The device manufacturers have never submitted it to the FDA for approval.

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