Omega™ Procedure Now Relieving Migraine Sufferers in Arizona

December 23, 2015

Dealing With Migraines   

The statistics on those who suffer from migraines are alarming. Just look at the stats by the Migraine Foundation (link below), and you’ll no longer doubt the legitimacy of the pain experienced from those who suffer from them. A quarter of households has someone with a migraine. 12% of the population—including children—suffer from migraines! Compare that with the statistics of diseases that are most in the news and you begin to wonder: where’s the migraine 5k? Where’s the lapel ribbon to draw attention—and increase funding—for the migraine scourge?

We at Migraine Treatment Centers of America don’t first think about the loss of educational time, work production, and the cost to companies (estimated in the billions) caused by employees who possess chronic migraines and are unable to carry out their normal functions.  No, we first think of the people who are experiencing this chronic, incessant pain. In fact, 38 million people are sufferers of migraines: throbbing, painful, with recurring intensity, and a whole host of other psychological symptoms like depression, anxiety, and panic disorder.

That’s why we are proud of the Omega migraine procedure, which has been helping a slew of sufferers whose last resort has supposedly run out. The results are in, and they’re impressive.  And the good news is: we’ve just expanded the procedure to Phoenix, Arizona.

Remember Deb’s Story?

In September we told our readers a touching story of Portland, Oregon native Deb–a chronic victim of debilitating migraines–and the overwhelming relief she found with the Omega migraine procedure. We learned through a short local news video how significantly the Omega migraine procedure changed Deb’s life: for the better. The rate at which Deb’s migraines attacked rapidly declined, thwarted by this innovative neurostimulation implant procedure that’s continuing to gain media coverage.

We’re pleased to announce that the Omega migraine procedure is back in the news, this time in Phoenix, with another touching of how this procedure has changed the life of one other woman. Please meet Linda Crassi.

Linda Smiles

Linda, like Deb, is one of the four sufferers in every household burdened with chronic migraines. Linda was receiving 18-20 migraines a month, and nothing seemed to work to subside their onslaught.  Now, with the expansion of the Omega migraine procedure in Phoenix, Linda, like Deb, has her migraines under control.  She’s now only receiving 3-5 per month.

Those are staggering results.

Dr. Jonathan Carlson, a pain management specialist who performed the surgery on Linda, tells her after a follow-up visit, “Your smile is worth a thousand words.”  He’s getting used to seeing these smiles. You can watch Linda’s video here.

Dr. Carlson is one of the growing number of doctors providing the minimally invasive procedure. With such amazing results, people like Deb and Linda are beaming a lot more than they have in years. But what is this procedure, and is it right for you?

What is The Omega Migraine Procedure?

The Omega migraine procedure is a minimally invasive surgery that implants a small wire of electrodes placed in strategic positions under the head’s epidermis where migraines tend to be located. It utilizes Neurostimulation–light electrical currents that activate or modulate neurons which help “scramble” the pain receptors–through oscillating electric touch, stimulation, and vibration.

Anyone who has gone through physical therapy may be well-acquainted with neurostimulation, commonly known as “stim.” This particular writer experienced stim in a different context and found it to work: after an initial “weird” feeling, a soothing massage replaced the pain in the affected area. Because stim—including the stim of a migraine procedure—is adjustable, the level of stimulation can be both strong enough to reduce pain sensations and comfortable enough that the patient feels the oscillating, perhaps even pleasant, massage.

The Omega Procedure is unique in this form of Neurostimulation in that the electrodes are implanted rather than administered on the surface of the skin. This way, whenever a migraine sufferer feels oncoming pain, they can then control the stimulation using the accompanying controller, which can be directly adjusted by the patient, and may reduce the intensity of the pain, and, as both Deb and Linda have attested, may even resolve the pain completely.

What does all this mean? It means the migraine sufferer no longer needs to merely wait out the duration of a migraine, but can take action before its debilitating effects, possibly even eliminating it, and need not wait to see a medical professional to treat it.  So is this minimally invasive surgery right for you?

Is It Right For You?

Note that before surgery and implantation, Dr. Carlson emphasizes that doctors make sure to rule out any physical problems that may be causing the headaches, try medications, and then physical therapy before considering the procedure. The reasons for this range from what is currently approved by most insurances, to the conscientious  conservative approach favored by most physicians, and of course to make sure that the real source of the pain is well-understood.

Better yet, all patients are given a trial in which they wear the Omega device externally to see if it will work. (In 87% of our cases, it has worked!)

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, contact one of our Patient Coordinators to help you assess whether the Omega migraine procedure is right for you.  Give us a call at (855) 980-7530 if you have been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine and have not yet found relief from other treatments.

Here’s the link to that Migraine Fact Sheet.


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