Patient Describes Migraine Surgery on Great Day Houston

March 2, 2012

Mary Granberry had migraines for 10 years. “It would put me in bed three or four times a week,” the Houston migraine sufferer says. “It was crippling. It is something that nobody should go through.”

Granberry recently told her story on Great Day Houston, the popular morning program on KHOU-TV (Channel 11). Thanks to the Omega migraine procedure — Granberry’s story has a happy ending. “I have been in a dark shallow hole for 10 years, and it is so good to come out and see the sky, see people, plan a day and know I can do it,” Granberry says.

Appearing with Granberry was Ioannis Skaribas, M.D. — a Houston migraine specialist and partner physician with Migraine Treatment Centers of America — who explained how the Omega migraine procedure uses gentle neurostimulation to block migraine pain. “Electrodes are implanted in the supraorbital and occipital areas on both sides of the head and are connected to a programmable implantable generator that powers the electrodes to stop the feeling of pain,” Dr. Skaribas says.

Neurostimulation is used in a variety of medical applications, including treating chronic back pain, epilepsy and some forms of paralysis. Now this new application is helping migraine sufferers like Granberry who haven’t found relief from acupuncture, chiropractic care, prescription medications or other types of treatment. Another big advantage of the Omega migraine procedure is that patients learn whether they respond to neurostimulation before they have the permanent procedure. “The patient undergoes a trial — a test for several days, sometimes four or five days, even a week, to see if it works,” Dr. Skaribas says. “If it does, then the patient is a candidate for the permanent procedure.”

Granberry began her trial on December 20, 2011. Two days into the trial her migraine pain was gone. Granberry had the neursostimulation device implanted on December 28, 2011. “It was… a blessing to find an answer,” Granberry says. “I love life again.”

Houston migraine sufferers who would like to know more about the Omega migraine procedure can schedule a free consultation through Migraine Treatment Centers of America.

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