Oktoberfest Fun with Drug Free Migraine Sense

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October 7, 2014

What started as a Bavarian tradition during 1810, has morphed into a modern worldwide funfair phenomenon. The annual Oktoberfest in Munich has inspired cities across America to host their own versions throughout the fall. Don’t worry if you struggle with migraines in Nashville, Cincinnati or Stowe, an Oktoberfest day of fun doesn’t have to mean days of misery to follow.

With your drug fee migraine sense and savvy, avoiding your triggers and being proactive means you can be a part of the festivities and feel good enough to share your photos and stories on social media the next day.

When describing the Oktoberfest we can talk about German tradition, and dachshund races but the festival is truly about the ‘Bier Garten’ experience. For someone with migraines, this poses a huge challenge since drinking alcohol is a common headache trigger.

The American Headache Society website suggests that drinking in small amounts on occasion might not necessarily trigger migraines but that other conditions, like stress and anxiety together with alcohol consumption could be the trigger for some. It also suggests that headaches might be triggered from a hangover, related to excessive drinking. If beer-triggering headaches concern you, don’t chance it. Good drug free migraine sense says to ask whether you can order alcohol free beer or good old-fashioned ice water!

The good news is that there is plenty of yummy food to make you not miss a beer-filled stein. The bad news is that some of this food could trigger migraines for some people. Traditional grilled bratwurst could mean trouble for you if you have a nitrate sensitivity.

Opt for grilled chicken instead; also a traditional Oktoberfest delicacy. Sauerkraut is another traditional treat that might trigger a migraine, if you are sensitive to pickled foods, or histamine. Potato dumplings ‘Knoedl,’ and potato pancakes will be sure to make you forget about skipping the sauerkraut. Unfortunately drug free migraine savvy might mean that you have to avoid the giant fresh-baked pretzels if your headaches are triggered by yeast.

When it comes to super fun entertainment it’s hard to beat the Oompah band—so pop in those squishy earplugs to muffle the noise and hopefully ward off your migraines in Nashville, Cincinnati or Stowe. If the raucous singing and music is overwhelming, and you aren’t having much luck finding migraine friendly food, just search for the dachshund races—they will keep you smiling for days!

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