Norwegian Preventative Migraine Treatment Research

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March 7, 2014

Treating a migraine condition can sometimes seem a lot like ‘pest control’. Once you think a particular migraine treatment may be working, it doesn’t. Then it’s time to search for another weapon to add to your arsenal.

While you may be evaluating whether a migraine procedure is right for you, relying on preventative drugs is still your ‘go-to’ method for now. So, here is some research news from the land of the fjords (Norway), which offers another preventative drug weapon to combat migraines.

The Norwegian study, published recently in the journal Cephalalgia, set out to compare the drug candesarten, with a placebo and the common migraine treatment drug propranolol. A group of 72 subjects underwent a triple blind study (neither the patients nor researchers or doctors were aware of which treatment was administered) in which they were prescribed a placebo, propranolol or candesarten. The findings proved that cadesarten was just as effective as propranolol, and that both were more effective than the placebo therapy for at least an additional 20 per cent of the patients.

Propranolol is a beta-blocker that is commonly prescribed to preventatively treat migraines, angina, tremors and hypertension. It works by inhibiting the activity of certain neuro-receptors involved with migraine events. Candesarten is an angiotensin II receptor blocker, and is usually prescribed for hypertension. According to the Mayo Clinic, it works by blocking the substance that causes tightening of the blood vessels, which in turn allows them to loosen up.

This research study confirms findings from a 10-year-old study that found candesarten was an effective prophylactic migraine treatment for some people. Despite possible side effects, this drug may offer another option for you to manage occasional migraine attacks. It might also prove to be an alternative to other medication that yields unpleasant side effects or is no longer effective. If your condition is chronic rather than episodic however, a migraine procedure might be the optimal treatment to help you break your reliance on drug therapies.


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