Nikki M.

February 27, 2017

Patient Name: Nikki M.
Diagnosis: Chronic Migraines
Type of Procedure: Omega Procedure

How did your experience with Migraine Treatment Centers of America compare to other healthcare experiences?
I felt like they weren’t just after money like every neurologist I’ve ever been to, they care about you.

What was your life like before surgery?
I couldn’t do much at all, I couldn’t work more than 4 hours most of the time. Sensitivity to light and sounds and nausea.

What is your life like now, after surgery?
I went from a headache 7 days a week to just 1 a week, and now it’s almost 1 every two weeks. I can do whatever I want no with no limitations!
[Now] I can go to the movies, swimming and shooting guns. I went on a boat ride, and to a concert!!

What would you say to someone who is contemplating the Omega Procedure?
Do it.

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