New Omega Migraine Procedure Webinar Is a Must-See!

October 26, 2015

Lisa R.In an effort to spread the word about the Omega Procedure–the life-changing migraine treatment–the Migraine Treatment Centers of America asked the famous Texas personality, Amy Vanderoef, to host a webinar.

Who would have thought a short, promotional video would be a tear jerker?

It’s only 20 minutes long and it contains a (necessary) bit of technical language, but it also gives a terrific overview of the Omega procedure and introduces you to Lisa, a chronic migraine sufferer who describes her last 15 years as “literally a nightmare.” When Lisa is asked how she felt after her Omega implant was completed, her joy is contagious. She speaks of going on a date with her husband, of her newfound ability to plant a rose garden, of her freedom from pain…

Her story is actually quite moving and inspirational – it’s like watching one of those shows in which long-lost siblings are reunited. Only this time it’s a woman re-uniting with her happiness!

“Hilary? I would adopt Hilary! I would give her a kidney if she needed it!”

Lisa is also insistent on explaining her relationship to her patient coordinator, whose name is Hilary. As Lisa makes clear, Hilary was kind, compassionate, and thorough. Lisa says she is used to dealing with a healthcare system that expects you to be your own advocate and fight for your ability to be treated. She was blown away when Hilary called her and handled everything—even insurance negotiations—no doubt saving Lisa from another headache.

“The trial was amazing: five days, no headache pain.”

Important to note: Lisa also says she had become used to her insurance always telling her no, but they said yes to the Omega.

If you or someone you know suffers from migraine pain, you have to watch this video. It’s a comprehensive introduction to the Omega Procedure, complete with a technical explanation, testimonials, and interviews with the three key figures in any Omega experience: a surgeon, a patient coordinator, and a patient. All 20 minutes are totally worth it, but here’s a little Table of Contents. Feel free to skip to the minute that most interests you.

Minute by Minute

1:30. Amy Vanderoef introduces the Omega Procedure.
4:30. Hilary—a real live patient coordinator—explains her role and how she will work with you.
6:15. Dr. Schumacher details some of the science behind the Omega procedure, explains how the trial works, and details who is eligible for a trial.
14:30. Interview with Lisa.
20:00. Final thoughts and testimonies.

“I am so excited. It’s just… It’s almost to the point where I can’t put it into words.”

Nothing pleases us more than seeing patients happy, healthy, and free of pain. If you suffer from migraines, please watch the video. If you know someone who suffers, forward the video to him or her. As Lisa says, “What do you have to lose but pain?”

To view the webinar, simply fill in the form here:

Thank you for watching. To speak with a patient coordinator, call (855) 980-7530 or fill out a form to the right today.

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