New Jersey’s Neurostimulation Device

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October 1, 2013

Not to worry.   ‘Snookie’ and the ‘The Situation’ have nothing to do with this story. The topic: A new handheld neurostimulation device developed by a New Jersey company that promises to diminish migraines. 

This new migraine treatment is called gammaCore, and it is currently undergoing clinical trials.  If all goes well, an application will then be filed with the FDA, requesting that it review the product to be approved for patient use. According to a report on the New Jersey news site the initial findings from the preliminary studies show promise.  

The handheld mechanism sends electrical impulses through the vagus nerve in the neck, into the brain.  With the press of a button on the device, held to the neck, a two-minute impulse causes a reduction in glutamate, a substance thought to be involved with the migraine events.  The device has been approved for patient use in Australia, India, Canada, and countries in Europe. 

Approximately 1000 of the gadgets have already been sold abroad, at about $400 per unit. Initial results presented to the FDA indicate that 70 percent of migraine subjects experienced substantial respite from their pain.  The company’s founder said that hopefully the neurostimulation device would be approved for depression, epilepsy and migraine treatment. 

Perhaps with this new device, New Jersey is trying to help Americans who developed a chronic headache condition after watching that beloved reality show featuring the screaming Jersey Shore cast.  Until the clinical trials are complete and the FDA reviews this product for approval, migraineurs thankfully have access to safe and long lasting alternative migraine treatments. 

The Omega procedure, which uses neurostimulation to send gentle impulses directly to the nerves affected during a migraine, allows some chronic migraine sufferers to stop depending on medication and get back to doing the things they love.  For people with episodic migraines, pain management therapies prescribed by specialists can be very successful, and for those who experience the occasional migraine, over the counter medication can prove to be quite helpful in managing symptoms.


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