National Boss Day and the Omega Migraine Procedure

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October 16, 2014

Granted, maybe your boss has been your migraine trigger in the past, but since you underwent your own Omega migraine procedure, she doesn’t have the same effect on you. Well… maybe a person can’t really be a migraine trigger, but stress on the job can certainly set off the chain of neurological events that cause full-blown migraine attacks or even tension headaches. Now that it’s National Boss’s Day, on October 16th, and your boss also happens to suffer with chronic migraines, why not give her a drug free migraine present? Here are some great ideas to get you started on finding the perfect gift that will win you brownie points and help your boss better manage her migraines:

  • Spa gift certificate: While a massage is always nice, it may not be something you’re comfortable giving your boss, so consider another soothing service like a facial, haircut or mani-pedicure.
  • A tea box: A collection of herbal teas, including peppermint, chamomile and ginger, are not only calming to sip, but might also have therapeutic drug free migraine benefits.
  • Essential oils: Inhaling peppermint and lavender essential oils has been found to help some migraine sufferers. They can be diluted and applied to the skin, added to a bath or placed in a decorative diffuser that allows the aroma to evaporate into the air surrounding your boss’s workspace.
  • Yoga or Meditation Classes: Mind body practices like yoga, meditation and tai chi can be just what she needs to ease her stress, prevent her headaches and return to work as a more pleasant boss.
  • Information kit: An information kit about the Omega migraine procedure, explaining what the benefits are from this advanced drug free migraine treatment, that is appropriate for certain qualifying chronic migraine sufferers, might be the longest lasting gift of all.

In addition to giving your boss the perfect present for National Boss’s Day, simply sharing migraine information and facts with her can help her better manage headaches, other symptoms, and even improve your relationship with her.




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