Must-See TV: The Omega Procedure on NBC-Nashville

July 6, 2016

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In case you missed it, Nashville took the fight to migraines last night.

WSMV-TV, the NBC news affiliate in Nashville, featured the Omega Procedure, the surgical migraine treatment offered exclusively by Migraine Treatment Centers of America.

Nashville has a reason to be proud: it is one of a handful of cities throughout the United States where the Omega Procedure is offered. For this reason, patients often travel many miles for treatment. One of them is Brooke Ford, who suffered debilitating migraines for many years…until she met Dr. Matthew Rupert.

Dr. Rupert and the Omega Procedure for Severe, Chronic Migraines

Dr. Rupert, who practices in Nashville, was invited onto WSMV-TV to discuss the Omega Procedure. As readers of this blog know, the Omega Procedure is an advanced treatment for severe, chronic migraines. It is a surgical intervention in which a pacemaker-like device is placed under the skin (usually of the back or buttocks) and used to send electrical signals to scramble the pain caused by migraines.

Because the procedure is surgical, patients should have tried more conservative treatments first, like drug therapy, behavioral modifications, and trigger avoidance. As many of you know, however, migraines often beat these conservative measures. That was certainly the case with Brooke. She tried everything, but  nothing worked. So she made the trek from her home in Alabama up to Nashville, and she credits that trip and the Omega Procedure with giving her her life back.

To celebrate her newfound freedom from pain, she even redecorated her home. But she and Dr. Rupert can tell the story best. Please enjoy!

If you have questions about the procedure or would like to speak with someone about whether you are eligible, please fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 855.300.6822.


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