Named Top 100 Place to Work: Dallas based Migraine Treatment Centers of America’s Parent Company

November 23, 2012

Migraine Treatment Centers of America (MTCA) parent company Athas Health LLC was recently named #6 among small companies in the “Top 100 Places to Work”  in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.  Small companies have between 50 and 149 employees, and contest rules required that at least 30 employees from these companies provide answers to survey questions about senior management, the workplace and company values and attitudes.  The ranking results were based on 72,285 survey replies. The Dallas Morning News ran the contest together with its research partner.

Delighted with news, Athas Health CEO Chris Lloyd declared “This is a testament to the wonderful employees that show up for work every day with the singular focus of helping others.  This attitude permeates our environment and creates a sense of purpose which leads to job satisfaction.”

Dallas based Migraine Treatment Centers employees are often told to treat patients like family, which is one reason why the company is listed as one of the best places to work.  MTCA’s Chief Operating Officer, Vance Wells, is known for encouraging the staff to think of those who call in as their “Great Aunt Millie” – in pain and looking for someone they can trust who can help them through an often, complex process.  “Our leaders really do care, which gives us a great feeling,” says Jessica, a patient coordinator.

While the nice offices and full pantry might be nice perks, it’s the company atmosphere that has made this company rise to the top.  “If I were in pain and did not work here, I wouldn’t know where to turn.  It’s tough to know who is aware of medical advancements and also wants your best interests” says Joel, an employee.  “This company is filling a big need, and has a lot more cities where it can do that.  I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.”

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